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Chin & Cheek Augmentation

The two most prominent areas of the face that may make you look younger, more defined, and with more contour are the chin and the cheek. If you desire a more defined, attractive profile, MirSkin can help with the use of implants and even dermal fillers.

What Is A Chin & Cheek Augmentation?

Chin and cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that makes use of implants or dermal fillers to improve face shapes and achieve facial proportional harmony. Enhancing the overall harmony of your facial features can increase definition and volume for both women and men.

woman during exam for neck threadlift in NYC

Benefits Of Chin & Cheek Enhancement

The following are the advantages of cheek and chin enhancement:

  • Restoring the harmony of the characteristics on the face
  • Improved definition of the chin, cheeks, and jawline
  • The improvement of face structural appearance
  • Among many more…

Our Chin & Cheek Augmentation Services

As a means of adding volume and defining those prominent places, dermal fillers and nano fat grafting are two options that are available at MirSkin.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers are injectable products that are used to enhance the shape of the face while also adding volume to the face. It is common practice to inject them into the chin and cheek region in order to improve the face’s natural contours, smooth out wrinkles and creases, and provide volume to areas of the face that have lost volume as a result of age or other circumstances.

There is a wide variety of dermal fillers available at our clinic, and each one treats a unique part of the face, is constructed from a unique set of components, and comes in a variety of formulations.

Nano Fat Grafting
In order to enhance the contour and form of the chin and cheeks, a little quantity of fat is extracted from one part of the body and injected into those areas. This process is known as nano fat grafting. Liposuction is often used to remove fat from the buttocks, thighs, or belly. Before being injected into the desired location, the fat is treated using a method termed “nanofat” to form tiny droplets of fat.

Enhancing the natural contours of the face and adding volume to regions that have lost volume as a result of age or other circumstances are the two main objectives of nano fat grafting. It may be used to fix asymmetries, remove creases and wrinkles, and enhance the face’s overall look.

Who Is Eligible For Chin And Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek or chin implants and dermal fillers may be your best choice if you believe your face is out of proportion. If you battle with a chin that you feel is too tiny for your face, have poor bone structure, hollow-looking cheeks, or a flat, wrinkled mid-face, which may happen following weight reduction, you may be a suitable candidate for the treatment.

man during exam for neck threadlift in NYC

What Should Patients Expect Throughout Their Chin And Cheek Augmentation Procedures?

Since both of these procedures are considered to be non-invasive, patients are awake for their treatment. During the nano fat grafting most times patients will be under local anesthesia in conjunction with intravenous sedation.

During your appointment with Dr. Mir, you will establish the most appropriate implant size, shape, and projection in order to define your cheek, chin, and jaw contours in the most flattering way possible. That said, if you opt for the dermal filler options, Dr. Mir will gently inject the desired region to achieve your results.

Find Out If A Chin & Cheek Augmentation Is For You In NYC

If you’re ready to book your chin and cheek augmentation consultation please give our experts in NYC a call or fill out a contact form with your information!

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