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NYC’s Top Cosmetic Facial Surgeon, Tabasum Mir, MD

The meticulous artisanal touch, with technical excellence and cutting edge treatments. Dr. Mir’s solutions are unmatched in NYC and beyond. Book your consultation with Dr. Mir today.

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The Exclusive, Expert Service by

NYC’s Top Doctor In Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Your aesthetic outcome and safety when considering a cosmetic procedure are paramount, so why leave it in the hands of anyone other than the best? As the leading cosmetic facial surgeon in a number of state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical treatments, Dr. Tabasum Mir guarantees patients the highest expertise and level of care they can find in the country.

Clients come from all over the world to be treated by Dr. Mir, who stands at the forefront of cosmetic facial surgery, providing an unmatched level of treatment and expertise that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Having been featured in a number of national and international spotlights, such as Bravo TV and The Doctors Show, Dr. Mir has proven time and again that her unique treatment methods produce results many other doctors can’t achieve.  She is primarily known for her amazing results with PDO Threads for nonsurgical facelifts and nonsurgical rhinoplasties.

Patients of Dr. Mir understand the value of trusting a doctor who truly respects their beauty goals, unique facial anatomy, and the exact treatments and techniques needed to manifest their beauty potential in a safe environment.


True Expertise:

Dr. Mir has spent 17 years perfecting her craft. Trained to use the most advanced types of threads for every single procedure, Dr. Mir is an artisan cosmetic doctor.


Cosmetic Visionary:

Only the most experienced can innovate and explore, and Dr. Mir has perfected treatments that no other doctor can provide. With unique solutions for non-surgical facelifts, non-surgical nose jobs, and more. Dr. Mir constantly pushes the envelope to offer her patients the best results. She prides herself on “cutting edge” results without any of the cutting.


Your Long-Term Aesthetic Partner:

Consistent long-term beauty (and anti-aging) requires the same skilled hands year-after-year, making Dr. Mir the perfect long-term cosmetic partner. Dr. Miri can provide clients an unparalleled level of care and service for years to come.


Personalized Solutions:

No two faces are the same, so no cosmetic treatment should be either. Dr. Mir provides clients with that extra level of meticulous detail and personalized care that ensures they experience the exact customized treatment that best fits their facial anatomy, lifestyle, and beauty goals. 

MirSkin provides expert treatment with:

Neurotoxins | Dermal Fillers | Mesotherapy | Jawline Restoration | PDO Thread Lifts | Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty | Brazilian Butt Lift |  Hair, Skin, and Eyebrow Restoration | And More

Non-Invasive Treatments

By Dr. Tabasum Mir

Beauty that’s made for you. Dr. Mir’s unique, personalized techniques are unmatched by many other physicians or medspas. The first to offer premier minimal to non-invasive treatments, Dr. Mir is a true pioneer in cosmetic optimization. Minimally invasive procedures involve the use of advanced threads specific to a person’s contours, needs, and facial features to achieve that lifted, youthful look -- a special technique offered exclusively by Dr. Mir.

Achieve superior results with minimally-invasive injectables and threads, rather than going under the knife. Dr. Tabasum Mir creates amazing results that rivals that of plastic surgeons, all without surgery. 


PDO Thread Lifts

For those seeking a truly customized thread lift experience. Dr. Mir has been trained in the most advanced types of threads for every single procedure. Unlike beauty clinics (or other providers) which tend to use a single type of thread for their various PDO Thread Lift treatments, Dr. Mir is equipped with a variety of the most specialized threads and techniques. This allows her to provide a highly customized approach to every client and their cosmetic needs.

With PDO Thread Lifts, Dr. Mir creates a non-surgical facelift experience with the help of absorbable suture made of Polydioxanone (PDO), which lift and tighten sagging areas of the face and body. Immediately lift any drooping skin; provide your nose and jaw with the non-surgical contouring they need; and truly create long-lasting results with PDO Thread Lifts that promote the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, maintaining the lift long after the threads have dissolved.  She offers a very unique technique with nonsurgical rhinoplasty where she actually can inject the thread with filler to maintain a needless procedure and a safe alternative to liquid rhinoplasty.

Fillers and Injectables

Many clients believe they can pick and choose the filler or injectable they want, and still achieve the perfect results. But at MirSkin Aesthetic, Dr. Tabasum Mir chooses the exact cosmetic treatment plan best suited for your situation, factoring in your facial anatomy, your lifestyle, budget and your desired goals. 

With every type of filler and injectable at Dr. Mir’s disposal, the combinations of her expertise and capabilities are endless. Dr. Mir can provide you with the most powerful cosmetic service for your condition, maximizing your treatment for lip, chin, cheek, and jawline augmentations, eye and tear trough augmentations, nasolabial fold filler, marionette lines and glabellar lines filler, and more.


Body Contouring Lasers

One of the latest and most advanced treatments Dr. Mir now offers at MirSkin Aesthetic is Body Laser Lipolysis, which may be one of the most powerful and efficient body contouring treatments on the market. The technology involved with this treatment has traditionally been used to eliminate tumor cells, but it has now been repurposed to melt even the most stubborn fat deposits in just moments, with the use of high intensity focused ultrasound.

Contour your body like never before with Dr. Mir and Body Laser Lipolysis, giving your body the most effective fat burning treatment science can offer without any burns or pain. This treatment is safe and efficient for all skin types, and can lead to a significant reduction in circumference after just a single session.


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MirSkin Aesthetic:  
Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Dr. Mir’s patients?

Men and women of any age are welcome for cosmetic solutions at MirSkin Aesthetic. Whether it’s your first aesthetic procedure or you’re a veteran of cosmetic surgeries and treatments, Dr. Mir can help you. She will explain the best cosmetic solutions for your goals and help you understand every step involved with your experience with Dr. Mir.

What is the initial appointment like?

The first step in your beauty journey begins with a virtual or in-person consultation with our highly-trained medical consultants, available in both Spanish and English, as well as a possible consultation with Dr. Mir herself. You may ask about pricing, our procedures and treatments, and we will help you determine your goals and discuss the best aesthetic treatment or programs best suited for you.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We offer the option for all patients to deposit down payments in advance of their procedures. We also offer payment plans, please ask us for details. Otherwise , Payments are due in full on the day of the procedure.


Dr. Tabasum Mir:  
Providing Cosmetic Solutions At Their Finest

Dr. Tabasum Mir is one of the most sought-after cosmetic doctors in New York, and her results speak for themselves. She has helped countless patients achieve results with minimally invasive and non-invasive techniques that no other doctor can provide. As a leading authority in her field, Dr. Mir continuously provides an expert level of care and insight that helps patients achieve what other doctors may consider impossible.

Dr. Mir believes that every face is unique, which is why she treats each face with an artistic eye, compassionate patient care, and the highest level of technical excellence. From innovative, industry-leading techniques in injectables to non-surgical options that lift, tighten, smooth, and sculpt the face, neck, and body, clients experience cosmetic treatments like no other.

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