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The MirSkin team takes pride in providing the industry-leading cellulite treatment, Avéli in NYC. With just one treatment, patients can experience a significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite, resulting in smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

What Is Avéli Cellulite Treatment?

Avéli stands out among other cellulite treatments by utilizing a minimally invasive approach that involves Dr. Mir using a handheld device to visualize, target, and release the fibrous bands connected to your skin that contribute to cellulite.

Unlike other treatments that only address the surface of the skin, Avéli targets the root cause of cellulite. That said, once the fibrous bands are released, they will not grow back.

woman after Avéli in NYC

How Does It Work?

Avéli is an FDA-cleared, minimally invasive cellulite treatment that works by targeting dimples on the buttocks and thighs in just one in-office visit. This innovative treatment stands out from others because it is the only one that accurately identifies and releases the fibrous bands under the skin, known as septa, which are responsible for cellulite dimples.

With Avéli in NYC, patients receive immediate and real-time confirmation of the release of these bands, resulting in a smoother appearance of the treated area.

woman after treatment of Avéli in NYC

Benefits of Avéli Cellulite Treatment

  • This is an FDA-approved, one-time procedure that provides permanent removal and cutting of cellulite bands.
  • The procedure can be performed quickly in the office and only takes an hour to complete.
  • Patients can expect minimal downtime, and the only side effect they may experience is some bruising in the treatment area, which will heal quickly.
  • Patients are not limited in their physical activities following the treatment and can resume their normal routine promptly.

Recovery & Results

There is minimal to no downtime after the Avéli treatment. In the clinical study, most patients returned to their normal activities within 24-48 hours of the treatment. That being said, patients may experience mild pain, bruising, and tenderness to the touch in the first 24 hours. Once the swelling and bruising have subsided, the results of the Avéli procedure should be visible.

As for the results, the removal of fibrous bands during the Avéli procedure is permanent, and they do not grow back. However, new cellulite may develop over time if patients don’t follow a healthy and good lifestyle after Avéli in NYC.

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Is Avéli only intended for treating cellulite dimples?

Avéli is a treatment that addresses cellulite dimples from the inside out. However, it does not target other common concerns that can accompany cellulite, such as skin laxity or pockets of fat.

Who is a candidate for Avéli cellulite treatment?

Avéli may be the perfect solution for those seeking a noticeable reduction in cellulite dimples with just one minimally invasive, in-office procedure. To find out if you are a suitable candidate, book a consultation with Dr. Mir today.

How many Avéli sessions will you need?

Avéli is specifically designed as a one-time, in-office procedure that effectively targets and addresses dimpled cellulite on both the buttocks and thighs, without the need for multiple treatments.

How long is the Avéli cellulite treatment?

A typical Avéli in NYC procedure lasts for about one hour, which includes local anesthesia and the treatment itself. The exact duration may differ depending on your personalized procedure plan developed by Dr. Mir.

Can I exercise or work out after the Avéli procedure?

To ensure proper healing of the treated area, it is recommended to abstain from engaging in strenuous activities or workouts for the first week following the procedure.

Book Your Avéli Cellulite Treatment in NYC

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