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Brow Lift

As we age, the loss of underlying support for the skin may cause your eyebrows to droop beyond their natural level, cause your upper eyelids to droop further, and give you a fatigued look. That said, if you’re looking to brighten the look of your face, a brow lift could be exactly what you’re looking for.

What Is A Brow Lift?

The goal of a brow lift, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift or forehead surgery, is to raise the brow line and give the forehead a more youthful look. There are two types of brow lifts, surgical brow lift and minimally invasive brow lift. It improves the horizontal lines and furrows that may give a face an angry, sad, or exhausted appearance. It also reduces forehead creasing. This may sometimes aid in reducing “hooding” of the skin that covers the upper eyelid which can brighten up the look of your eyes as well.

How Are Brow Lifts Performed?

There are many brow raising techniques that may be performed using incisions that are concealed beneath or within the hairline. Endoscopic cameras may sometimes be used to aid in seeing the contour of the forehead so that muscles can be realigned and skin can be redressed. The lateral temporal brow lift procedure, which Dr. Mir specializes in, has a quick recovery time and results that look natural.

For the very best outcomes, we’ll make sure to tailor the treatment to your requirements and objectives during your appointment with us.

How Can A Brow Lift Help?

A brow lift may raise and lift the eyebrows into a more youthful posture but it can also treat the following concerns:

  • Raise the eyebrow arches
  • Treat angular furrows between the brows
  • Reduce the look of lines between the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, and on the forehead
  • Treat uneven or drooping eyebrows
  • Get rid of ridges on the nose’s bridge
  • Raise the upper eyelids that are hooded
  • Among many others…

How Long Does It Take For A Brow Lift To Heal?

The majority of patients only feel mild discomfort or tightness, along with minor bruising and swelling after their brow lift. That said, after a week, patients are able to go back to work and progressively add more activities. Complete aftercare instructions will be given to you by Dr. Mir in order to maximize your recovery and outcomes.

How Long Does A Brow Lift Take?

It can take anywhere from one to two hours to finish the procedure, depending on the type of results the patient is looking for. The length of the procedure can change depending on the complexity of the treatment that is being carried out and the particular approach that is being taken.

Deep sedation or general anesthesia may be used to complete the procedure in around 90 minutes, and it can be paired with other anti-aging procedures like a blepharoplasty or facelift which can also lengthen the amount of time that the procedure takes.

Learn More About Our Brow Lift Procedures In NYC

A brow lift may be just what you need to make your eyes and brows seem more alert and refreshed. We also offer a non-surgical browlift treatment. Give our cosmetic facial surgeon, Dr. Mir, a call or send us a message online if you have any questions regarding brow lifts and would like to book your treatment!

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