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Neck Lift NYC

For patients who want to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin around the neck, our nonsurgical neck lift in NYC is the ideal solution. The patients may immediately resume their daily activities after this short, less intrusive procedure!

What Is The M-Lift Neck Lift?

A non-surgical neck lift is a cosmetic technique that is aimed to enhance the look of the neck and jawline without the need for surgery. The goal of the treatment is to create a more defined and youthful appearance in these neck areas. This permanent non-surgical neck lift is designed by Dr. Mir herself, to give you a sharp lifted angle between your neck, chin and jaw.

woman during exam for nonsurgical neck lift in NYC

What To Expect During Your M-Lift Neck Lift?

Your M-Lift Neck Lift treatment will be carried out under local anesthetic at our clinic, and the duration of the procedure typically ranges from sixty to ninety minutes, depending on the degree of difficulty of the procedure. Having said that, this therapy is non-disruptive and causes neither discomfort nor pain for any of our patients.

How Does The M-Lift Neck Lift Work?

During the first stage of the M-Lift Neck Lift process, many steps will be combined into one treatment. During a nonsurgical neck lift in NYC, the patient’s neck fat will be eliminated, sagging skin will be lifted and tightened, and the procedure will do all of this without harming the patient’s skin. It is also possible to have the platysma band removed during this treatment as well.

Dr. Mir will take the time to go over all of the patient’s concerns and objectives to ensure that the treatment is tailored particularly to them in order to make the M-Lift process as smooth as possible. One of the best features about the M-Lift technique is that it can be personalized to each of our patients.

What Is The Recovery Like?

Most of the time, non-surgical neck lifts heal faster than surgical neck lifts. Most people can go back to their normal routines a few days after the procedure, but the full results may not be seen for a few weeks. While your skin is healing, it’s important to stay out of the sun and avoid strenuous activities. Dr. Mir may also tell you to use sunscreen and other skin care products during your recovery for the best results of your nonsurgical neck lift in NYC.

woman after nonsurgical neck lift in NYC

Benefits Of The M-Lift Neck Lift

The M-Lift Neck Lift can benefit our patients in many ways such as:

  • Tighten the skin of the neck
  • Remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce the look of neck banding
  • Produce a smooth-looking texture
  • Among many others…

Having said that, the advantages of the M-Lift Neck Lift approach surpass those of the conventional non-surgical neck lift in both technique and benefits. During your scheduled visit with us, we will discuss how we can best treat you and help you reach the objectives you have set for yourself.

woman during neck threadlift in NYC

How Long Do The Results Last For?

With appropriate aftercare, the M-Lift Neck Lift procedure at our facility is regarded as a permanent non-surgical neck lift with results that last anywhere between 5 and 10 years or longer.

That being said, patients may improve their outcomes with laser treatments and should keep up a solid skin care routine to extend the benefits.

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Book Your M-Lift Neck Lift In NYC

If you have excessive skin or wrinkles and fine lines on your neck and are looking for a non-invasive way to treat it, then our nonsurgical neck lift in NYC can help. To book your consultation please give our experts a call or fill out a contact form with your information!

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