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Eye Threadlift

A eye threadlift in NYC is a fantastic choice for those who want to refresh their appearance. Awakening the face’s appearance and giving it a touch of youthfulness are both easily accomplished with these quick and easy procedures.

What Are Thread Lifts For The Eyes & Eyebrows?

The skin begins to droop and lose its elasticity as we get older. This causes drooping eyelids and sagging brows, which age and make a person look fatigued. In the past, the only way to mimic an eyelid or brow lift was through surgical facelift treatments. Even while they are still accessible today, more patients choose thread lift as a safer option.

Using absorbable PDO threads, Dr. Tabasum Mir provides non-surgical eyelid and brow lift procedures. Dr. Mir uses the most advanced PDO threads and the most recent thread lift technology to provide the patient elevated brows and wider, brighter-looking eyes. For noticeable and long-lasting results, patients who wish to have Dr. Mir sculpt their eyelids and brows simply need a sixty-minute in-office procedure.

woman during exam for eye threadlift in NYC

About PDO Threads For Eye And Eyebrow Lift At Mirskin

Many patients wish to get rid of the most noticeable indicators of aging, such as wrinkles and drooping skin around the eyes. Even while surgically realigning the facial muscles and eliminating the extra skin provides lasting benefits, not everyone is prepared for the extensive recovery period and concerning risks that come with a surgical eyelift.

Dr. Mir at MirSkin uses PDO threads and the most recent technology for an eye thread lift to discreetly raise the patient’s eyelids and brows without surgery. Since around 2005, PDO threads have been used for non-surgical face and neck lift treatments because they successfully imitate the benefits of cosmetic surgery without the associated dangers.

Mesh Threads

Mesh threads are the latest development in revolutionary and innovative PDO threads, used for cosmetic surgery. These are now utilized in thread lifts such as facelifts, neck lifts, jaw lifts, eyebrow lifts, and more. These threads are a combination of 16 smooth threads woven together to volumize the face and they can be administered with or without filler. Mesh threads are strategically inserted beneath the skin to lift and support sagging tissue, providing a natural and volumized youthful appearance. With minimal invasiveness and remarkable results, mesh threads have become a preferred choice for individuals seeking rejuvenation without the need for extensive surgery. We offer mesh threads at MirSkin to give you the most natural and aesthetic lift.

How Do PDO Thread Lifts Work?

The PDO thread lifts are the ideal therapy since they are straightforward and easy for the patient. PDO threads are inserted under the skin of the outer tail of the brow by our highly experienced Dr. Mir, who combines artisanal technical proficiency and cutting-edge aesthetic knowledge.

These threads ultimately raise and fix the patient’s sagging skin at the proper height. Dr. Mir’s non-surgical eye and brow lift techniques provide natural shapes that complement the patient’s face structure and give them a youthful look in just a few minutes. The lifting pattern of the brow is designed by our highly experienced, Dr. Mir.

What To Expect During The Thread Lifts For Eyes & Eyebrows

Before Your Treatment

Each patient initially has a consultation with Dr. Mir to understand more about the process before beginning eye threadlift in NYC. We can then determine whether a non-surgical eye and brow lift is the best course of action for you based on your goals. In addition, Dr. Mir addresses a few last-minute issues and provides a list of items to avoid a few days before the session to ensure that the treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

During Your Treatment

Dr. Mir will evaluate your goals and create a customized lifting pattern for you. The area is numbed, for the threads to be placed. Usually the procedure lasts between 30-50 mins. Following therapy, patients are allowed to resume their regular routine right away.

Following Your Treatment

In the first 24-48 hours, patients may have minor bruising and swelling. Refrain from touching or pressing on the region around your eyes and eyebrows. Within two weeks after the session, it is preferable to refrain from strenuous activity and to keep the treated regions out of high heat and pressure. During the session, further details will be covered in-depth about the recovery process as well as things to avoid after your eye threadlift in NYC.

How Long Is The Downtime After An Eye And Eyebrow Thread Lift?

Patients only have little recovery time since a non-surgical eye and brow lift is a less invasive technique. After the procedure, the majority of patients resume their normal daily activities, but it’s important to follow Dr. Mir’s aftercare recommendations for the greatest outcomes and minimal side effects.

Are There Possible Side Effects Or Complications To Eye And Eyebrow Thread Lift?

As long as it is done by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Tabasum Mir, non-surgical eye and brow lifts are typically safe. The procedure has no significant adverse effects, however the patient might encounter typical ones including bruising, swelling, and soreness in the treated locations.

The majority of the time, these symptoms go away within a few days, but if they become worse or continue, please get in touch with us right away.

How Long Do An Eye And Eyebrow Thread Lift's Results Last For?

A non-surgical eye and brow lift often produces benefits that endure for many months to a few years. The body gradually dissolves and absorbs the PDO threads used in the surgery. Every few months or years, patients are urged to visit the clinic for touch-ups for your eye threadlift in NYC.

woman after eye threadlift in NYC

Make An Appointment For Your Eye And Brow Lift With Dr. Mir In NYC

Experience a non-surgical eye and brow lift with PDO threads unlike any other with the one-of-a-kind procedure developed by Dr. Tabasum Mir over the course of many years of treating patients and working with thread lifts. Your face and body need the unique Dr. Mir touch for a really artisanal and unique approach and beautiful results.

Contact Dr. Mir right now to arrange a non-surgical eye and brow lift consultation or to book an appointment!

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