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Neck Lift

If you’ve struggled with sagging or wrinkled neck skin, then our neck lifts can benefit you greatly. Through the use of unique and gold-standard neck lift approaches, Dr. Mir is able to deliver results that are both natural and long lasting for our patients.

The Unique And Professional Service Provided By NYC's Premier Doctor In Facial Cosmetics

When contemplating a cosmetic surgery, your desired aesthetic results as well as your safety are of the utmost importance; given this, why would you entrust it to anybody other than the very best? Dr. Tabasum Mir is recognized across the United States as the preeminent cosmetic face surgeon for a variety of cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Mir promises her patients the best level of skill and attention they can get in the cosmetic industry.

woman during neck threadlift in NYC

What Can A Neck Lift Address?

Our minimally invasive neck lift treatments are the perfect solution to treating various skin concerns. Our neck lift approaches include:

  • Removing neck fat through liposuction
  • Implementing a permanent suture suspension to lift sagging or drooping skin
  • Treat muscle and glands
  • Utilize the Renuvion treatment to tighten loose skin
  • Among many other tailored approaches

What Are The Causes Of A Sagging Neck?

The drooping of the neck is a complicated issue since there are a number of variables that may cause it, including the following:

  • Loose skin
  • Fat
  • Loose Platysma Muscles
  • Glands in the neck that hang down lower
  • A sunken or smaller chin position
  • A recessed chin position
  • Among many others…

That said, depending on the type of skin concerns you’re looking to treat, some services may not provide you with exactly the results you want. For example, PDO threads may not be the best choice for you as a long-term solution if you have a turkey neck.

There are also some cases that you may need treatment with liposuction in order to eliminate fat, as well as permanent suture suspension in order to raise the skin, muscle, and glands. For that reason, Dr. Mir will consult with you one-on-one to determine the concerns you have and develop the perfect treatment plan for you.

When Will You Be Able To Observe The Outcomes Of The Neck Lift?

To put it simply, no, patients do not experience any pain. In order to ensure that the patient is completely comfortable, a local anesthetic is administered to the affected region. This is in addition to the administration of an oral medication that provides relaxation and helps relieve anxiety.

woman during exam for jaw lift in NYC

When It Comes To Neck Lifts, Why Do People Choose Dr. Mir?

Clients travel from all over the globe to be treated by Dr. Mir, who is at the forefront of cosmetic face surgery. She provides an unrivaled level of care and skill that you simply can’t get anywhere else due to her dedication and love for her clinic.

Dr. Mir has been on many national and international platforms on which she has been featured as a leading expert in facial surgery. These platforms include Bravo TV and The Doctors Show, during which they showcased her one-of-a-kind treatment procedures that create outcomes that the majority of other medical professionals are unable to accomplish.

PDO Threads, a nonsurgical alternative to surgical facelifts and rhinoplasties, are principally responsible for her remarkable success in achieving the desired results.

Patients of Dr. Mir are aware of the significance of trusting a surgeon who really respects their beauty objectives, distinct face anatomy, and the specific treatments and procedures that are required to bring out their full potential in terms of physical attractiveness within a safe setting which makes her the perfect choice.

woman after nonsurgical neck lift in NYC

Do You Experience Any Pain Or Discomfort During A Neck Lift?

To put it simply, no, patients do not experience any pain. In order to ensure that the patient is completely comfortable, a local anesthetic is administered to the affected region. This is in addition to the administration of an oral medication that provides relaxation and helps relieve anxiety.

Are Neck Lift Results Permanent?

The procedure is seen as having a long-term and permanent impact. On the other hand, becoming older is a process that never ends, so you could need extra cosmetic therapy later in life if the results start to diminish.

M Lift Neck Lift

Dr. Mir’s M LIFT a Minimally invasive permanent neck lift without cutting
the neck is a complex area.⁠ The M lift utilized 3 progressive technologies that when combined can create a defined, contoured, sculpted neck and jawline.

To improve the neck area you need to address: ⁠
1. Fat ⁠
2. Loose, saggy skin⁠
3. Saggy platysma muscles (verticals bands) ⁠
4. Salivary Glands that could be low ⁠

Does it hurt? You are completely numb with local anesthesia.⁠
Are you asleep? This is not done with general anesthesia, rather local anesthesia. With light sedation. But you will not feel any pains and we offer additional medications to help with anxiety that will make you more comfortable , and very relaxed.⁠

Downtime – 48-72 hours and you can return to normal work in one week.

Do You Need General Anesthetic To Be Administered During A Neck Lift?

No, the neck lift procedure does not need general anesthetic or putting the patient to sleep. Since we can utilize powerful but non-invasive medications, patients can undergo the treatment without the need for general anesthesia and get to return home right after their treatment.

How Long Does Recovery Take Following A Neck Lift?

Depending on the type of procedures that the patient gets during their neck lift, the average recovery takes around one to five days.

Why Should You Get A Neck Lift?

People may choose to get a neck lift for a variety of reasons, including sagging or drooping skin, issues associated with becoming older, wrinkles or fine lines, creases, and others.

Having said that, a neck lift may provide you benefits that not only make your neck seem younger but also boost your self-confidence as you show off your youthful-looking neck.

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