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Jaw Lift

Our jaw lift in NYC is the perfect solution to give you that contoured and defined jawline you’ve been wanting.

What Is A Jaw Lift?

You may now shape, lift, and define your slack jawline with Dr. Tabasum Mir’s non-surgical PDO jaw lift, which enables you to correct the look of sagging skin, jowling, or a turkey neck. A non-surgical jaw lift may be a terrific solution for you if you want a defined chin and jaw without the need for any surgery. Dr. Tabasum Mir exclusively uses the most durable, strongest FDA-approved threads on the market. With a short recovery period and immediate results, Dr. Mir’s minimally invasive method will lift and tighten your jaw.

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What Are PDO Threads For Jaw Lift?

PDO threads and the most recent thread lift technology are used by Dr. Mir at MirSkin to remodel the patient’s jawline without surgery. PDO threads efficiently imitate the benefits of cosmetic surgery without its hazards, which is why they have been utilized for non-surgical face and neck lift procedures for more than ten years.

Mesh Threads

Mesh threads are the latest development in revolutionary and innovative PDO threads, used for cosmetic surgery. These are now utilized in thread lifts such as facelifts, neck lifts, jaw lifts, eyebrow lifts, and more. These threads are a combination of 16 smooth threads woven together to volumize the face and they can be administered with or without filler. Mesh threads are strategically inserted beneath the skin to lift and support sagging tissue, providing a natural and volumized youthful appearance. With minimal invasiveness and remarkable results, mesh threads have become a preferred choice for individuals seeking rejuvenation without the need for extensive surgery. We offer mesh threads at MirSkin to give you the most natural and aesthetic lift.

How Do PDO Threads For Jaw Lifts Work?

PDO threads are implanted for jaw lift in NYC by Dr. Mir using her specialized lifting and vector technological skills and sophisticated aesthetic understanding. In the treatment regions around the jawline, these threads raise the skin and fat. As Dr. Mir employs the behind the ear technique during jaw contouring and lifting, patients won’t notice any obvious pokes or scarring.

How Long Does The Recovery Take Following A Non-Surgical Jaw Lift?

Following their non-surgical jaw lift, individuals may just need to take a short break from work or certain activities to allow proper healing. Following the procedure, patients can resume their regular activities right away, but it’s crucial to follow Dr. Mir’s aftercare recommendations to make sure the effects remain longer and you have a safe recovery.

Before & After Jaw Lift

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Are There Possible Jaw Lift Side Effects Or Complications That Can Occur?

PDO thread non-surgical jaw lifts are extremely safe when done by a qualified surgeon like Dr. Tabasum Mir. Although there are no significant risks associated with the procedure, individuals may suffer typical and short-term side effects such as swelling, and soreness in the treated locations. The majority of the time, these symptoms after your jaw lift in NYC go away within a few days, but if they become worse or continue, please contact us right away.

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How Long Do Non-Surgical Jaw Lift Results Last For?

A non-surgical jaw lift may provide effects that patients may enjoy for many months to a few years. Patients are urged to visit the clinic again if they want to keep their defined jawline for a longer period of time since the PDO threads used in the surgery ultimately break down and become absorbed by the body.

Schedule Your Non-Surgical Jaw Lift In NYC

Experience a non-surgical jaw lift with PDO threads unlike any other with the one-of-a-kind procedure developed and refined over years of working with thread lifts and patients by Dr. Tabasum Mir. Make an appointment or consultation with Dr. Mir for a non-surgical jaw lift by giving us a call or filling out a contact form!

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